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Large-scale deformation of continents remains poorly understood more than 40 years after the plate tectonic revolution. An important clue comes from observations that mountain belts and rift zones cyclically form at the same locations despite separation across vast gulfs of time (dubbed the Wilson tectonic cycle), accompanied by inversion of extensional basins and reactivation of faults and other structures formed in previous deformation events. It was first exposed by annealing (heating by fire followed by watering), wedges and mining picks.

If it is weakly manifested, the dispersed impurities are not displaced from one zone to another, and all quartz microblocks contain approximately the same concentration. In such cases the irregular transients may account for a major portion of the reaction. To achieve the goal, the structural heterogeneity zones of quartz were studied by the electron microscopy and EPR methods.

Despite the significant reserves of quartz raw materials, there is a deficit of high purity quartz. Mechanisms of the incorporation of isomorphic impurities of Al, Ti, and Ge into quartz were studied by EPR techniques. The isomorphic impurities incorporated into the quartz structure by this mechanism are either formed through the decomposition and transformation of composite complexes or as a result of diffusion from crystalline and gas-liquid inclusions. The possible mechanism of influence of Ge impurity on the temperature of α-β-transition in quarts is discussed.

Neizvestnye imena xx veka pelageia shuriga unknown names of
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Разработанном в [Раков, 2006; Раков, Шурига,.

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Фарфор, позолота, роспись надглазурная и подглазурная. 11,5 x 46 x 21.

Here we show that the abundance of crustal quartz, the weakest mineral in continental rocks, may strongly condition continental temperature and deformation. Hence, it is unclear precisely how Earth material properties translate to continental deformation zones ranging from tens to thousands of kilometres in width, why deforming zones are sometimes interspersed with non-deforming blocks and why large earthquakes occasionally rupture in otherwise stable continental interiors. VIII Российского семинара «Технологическая минералогия в оптимизации процессов рудоподготовки и обогащения минерального сырья».

The effect of the formation conditions of pegmatites in the Mama-Chuya mica belt on the distribution of isomorphic Al, Ti, and Ge impurities in quartz detected by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) has been estimated using the isogen method, which takes into account the relationship between this distribution and geological time. Khimiya zhidkikh kristallov i mezomorfnykh polimernykh system [Chemistry of liquid crystals and mesomorphic polymer systems]. The study of non-crystalline silica to quartz transition shows that before new crystallites are formed silica passes a special stage characterized by a low fluidity limit.

All content in this area was uploaded by Shchiptsov Vladimir on Feb 10, 2017 Институт геологии рудных месторождений, петрографии, минералогии и геохимии РАН пучка микроскопа. The formation of the crystal structure of quartz under natural conditions is associated with the successive dynamic recrystallization of the mineral. Despite the significant reserves of quartz raw materials, there is a deficit of high purity quartz. The feedback mechanism proposed here would not only explain stationarity and spatial distributions of deformation, but also lend insight into the timing and distribution of thermal uplift and observations of deep-derived fluids in springs.

Шурига / Shuriga
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